About Us

CAUSE∙WEAR Apparel was founded by the Sunday Dinner Realty Partners as a way to give back to the LOCAL communities. The Sunday Dinner Realty Partners has history of contributing to the local community with their unique giving structure, in which they give 10% of their commission to local nonprofit organizations.

CAUSE•WEAR grew from the love that is shared by spreading awareness to many wonderful nonprofits throughout the local areas.


Through our conversations with local nonprofits, we noticed a trend regarding the cost of apparel and how it’s proven to be a financial burden for local nonprofits. We teamed up with local screen printer Overtone Ink to make this dream of CAUSE•WEAR materialize, and on May 1, 2021, the dream bloomed into fruition.

100% of the profit goes to the nonprofit whose logo is on the apparel. CAUSE∙WEAR Apparel is more than apparel. It is apparel for a cause.